Patient Recruitment


Quickly finding the right sites and patients for your study—and then keeping them enrolled—is an ongoing challenge in today’s clinical development world. However, Theorem Clinical Research understands this integral component of a clinical trial and its direct impact on the success of your project. That’s why we have a solid strategy built into our process.

We call it SMARTSite Management And Patient RecruitmenT.

Our SMART Team is a group of experts dedicated to facilitating your project’s site selection and patient enrollment. It’s an approach that ensures your trial starts strong. Why? Because we don’t just find patients—we understand patients and how to reach the best ones who will remain throughout your study’s duration.  And we know how to select the right sites that deliver.   

SMART Advantages:


  • Robust Investigator and Prescription Databases. We leverage the use of several large databases to facilitate site identification and patient mapping.  These include repositories of more than 300,000 investigators and 75,000 sites.  In addition, we have access to prescription and minimum data set databases to help identify potential patients.   


  • Site Partnerships.  In order to identify and initiate sites quickly, we maintain strong relationships with multiple site networks and ‘super sites’ around the world.


  • CRAs as Site Managers. Well-trained CRAs are a fundamental piece of our SMART strategy.  We invest in our CRAs to ensure they are true ‘Site Managers’.  They foster a strong site relationship, develop a site specific recruitment plan, train site personnel to recruit and continue to motivate site personnel throughout the study. 


  • Professional Marketing and Call Center Services.  We have access to experienced teams for developing study branding and advertising through all forms of media as well as seasoned patient recruitment call centers.