Investor Agreements


Our professionals do more than just identify your investigators. They carefully assess each potential investigator based on the specific requirements of your study. Customized service is a primary part of our approach. And we hold ourselves personally accountable for continuity and thoroughness throughout the process.

  • Clinical Study Agreements. Our experienced team negotiates clinical study agreements using a mutually acceptable clinical study agreement template. Our experts will assist you with drafting reasonable target budgets that control costs, while ensuring equitable compensation. We also work with you to draft alternative language and budget parameters in anticipation of negotiation based on our extensive experience. By anticipating requests for changes and creating alternatives in advance, we can rapidly negotiate your clinical study agreements, expediting your trial initiation—and work throughout the trial to make any necessary changes.
  • Clinical Grant Management. We develop site budgets based on the study protocol and your approval. Working together with the Project Management team, we facilitate timely, accurate payments to investigators and organizations while delivering comprehensive, high-quality customer service to both you and the investigators. Our Investigator Grant database comprehensively tracks payments based on procedures performed, patient visits completed, milestone payments, and other measures as necessary. A grant payment summary is provided with each site payment. We routinely complete grant funding projections and grant payment reconciliation. Our value-added services are also available on a standalone basis.
  • Investigator Meeting Coordination. Let our experienced, in-house, Global Meeting and Travel experts develop and coordinate your next meeting. We have extensive knowledge and experience to support all levels of Investigator Meetings from the smallest Phase II studies to the largest Phase IV studies. We are a single-source solution for the multiple elements required for a successful event, such as electronic registrations, site selection management, transportation, hotel room block management, and marketing and promotions. Our professional on-site team offers 24-hour availability to ensure a streamlined experience for each attendee. We provide complete on-site management from pre-event on-site meetings with hotel and vendors through the completion of the event. Not only do we understand the importance of your budget, goals and objectives when it comes to planning a successful Investigator Meeting, we plan the highest quality meeting while following industry compliance guidelines.